MULTI – PAC LTD are the manufacturers of 5 star drinks established in 2009 heralding an era of serving international quality products still instilling the local flavor in its drinks such as Energy, Carbonated soft drinks and Fruit juices alluring your taste buds. The company has grounded its intercontinental benchmark in the arcade and is expanding its services across Africa.

MultiPac Ltd.

Highlights of the company

  • We do care for a better life
  • We are proudly a Ghanaian company inculcated with European standards.
  • A diverse product range to suit all members of the family: 20 different products and more
  • Established since 2009 with 300 employees as well as expats from across the globe.
  • We are the first to introduce energy drink and malt in PET bottles

They say about us

  • Sweet and refreshing

    Ernest Addai
  • force malt are our number one food/beverages in Ghana…Force malt no size.

    Alokoto Dbwoizy Suhiyini
  • Best of all energy drinks…5star u dae town!

    Knok-Out Faya RM
  • Yeah seriously I drink about 4 times a day

    Ohene Koo Sei
  • I love this  drink a lot

    Ohene Koo Sei
  • Is nice

    ALkaline Lg Sparta
  • Lovely drink paa

    Amoadu Dora
  • Luv it

    Jonathan Kinsons Ofori
  • I like this drink ooooo.dammn

    Maame Ama Nyarko Aboronomaa
  • Go higher 5 Stars, I really enjoy your  drink

    Emmanuel Okyere
  • The best  among all

    Gloria Arthur
  • I like it

    De Brandy GH
  • My best drink

    Mikael A Mika
  • Good Drink. That’s my favorite

    StarBowyz King Fai
  • Obidiponbidi……… 5star still de best

    Mensah Samuel
  • I’m addicted to 5 star

    Natasha Bills
  • Look the drink is really the best i salute u guys.

    Linda asaanah

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