Perla water

PERLA MINERAL WATER a product from nature ultra-filtrated to the realm of the purity and healthy substances of water. The elements are crystal clear substantiating its purity and infused with rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, the essential balance intake required for the body. With Perla Water we assure you refreshing and richness in taste, unfailing quality, zero calories, and additives and convenience. Our machines are European branded maintaining distinctive standards. Perla water passes through the state of the art technology which is the most efficient concept of water purification. Perla Water undergoes Micro and Activated carbon filtration surpassing hygiene level. Further, its automated ozone system eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms and through microbiological testing, it’s safe to drink as we at Multipac ensure good hygiene manufacturing practices. Available in the following Size: 330ML , 500 ML and 1.5L
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