5-star energy drink is one of the most powerful and trendiest drinks. Launched in the Ghanaian market in 2010. It’s our pride in letting you know that we were the first local manufacturer to produce Energy drinks in the PET bottle. It’s well known for its favorable taste, sweet odor, and beautiful goldish color. It’s a non-alcoholic drink providing mental and physical stimulation. It is produced and manufactured to its distinctive standards comprising of vitamins B6, B12, Taurine, and caffeine to keep you attentive and alert especially while driving long distances or studying and working till late. Because of glucose constituent, one can derive instant energy leading to better sustenance. Available in 350 ml and 12 bottles in a box. Its shell life is for 1 year from the date of production. It is well appreciated in local markets. We are confident that once you taste our energy drink you will keep asking for more…Swag your power The REAL FORCE BEHIND EVERY WORK YOU DO!

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