Choco Ban Milk

January 2014 our FORCE MALT was commenced in PET bottle off lately high in demand especially in the Ghanaian market for its unique properties unlike other competitive brands. Mainly characterized for it fresh smell, bitter and sweet tang, assimilating the real malt taste. It’s our nutritive, energizing and vitalizing nonalcoholic drink rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 with adequate proportion of salt, protein, carbohydrate, saturated fat etc. leading to tantalizing. It consists of barley which would stock your body richly with fiber all day. It comes from concentrated malt extract ensuring body balance, helps in regulating appetite, promoting good vision and helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Can be consumed for all occasions especially best used during morning breakfast or drenched with a long busy day.

Available in following shape and size:

  • PET bottle 350 ml x 12 bottles per pack lasting for 1 year from date of production.
  • In CANS 330 ml x 24 cans per carton (6 x 4) lasting for 1 and half year from date of production.
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